Anacostia River Fisheries Interviewer

Job Description: 

The primary responsibility of this position is to conduct in-person interviews with anglers at popular fishing sites on the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C. and Maryland. This is a part-time position from August to November 2019. Interviewing will occur in teams of two. Interviewing assignments will last 8 hours, can be either in the morning to mid-day or afternoon to early evening, weekend or weekday.


QuanTech is conducting a Creel Angler Survey on the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C. and Maryland under contract with AECOM. The survey will be conducted from August 2019 to November 2019. This survey will provide site-specific information on angling in the Anacostia River. The specific study area is the 9-mile portion of the tidal Anacostia River from its confluence with the Potomac River upstream to the confluence of the Northwest Branch and Northeast Branch near Bladensburg Waterfront Park. The study area covers a broad mix of urban land uses ranging from marine, industrial, and commercial to recreational and residential. This survey will collect data on a variety of angler characteristics, including trip frequency, species and size of kept catch, preparation and cooking methods, and sharing of catch.

Interviewers hired for the Anacostia River Creel Angler Survey must meet the following requirements:

Familiarity with the Anacostia River;

Access to reliable transportation;

Educational background or field experience in identifying fish;

Ability to approach strangers and initiate an interview;

Ability to handle difficult interpersonal situations;

Ability to carefully follow survey interviewing procedures; and

Proven ability to complete data collection forms accurately.

Fluency in Spanish is a plus.

The position is part-time through November 2019.

Compensation: $15-$20/hr

Please submit cover letter and resume to