Lead Based Paint and Healthy Homes

In 2005-2006, QuanTech conducted the American Healthy Homes Survey for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The purpose of the survey was to measure the presence of lead, arsenic, allergens and pesticides in housing nationwide. A total of 1,131 homes were surveyed; a random subsample of 500 of those homes were sampled for pesticides. QuanTech continues to provide analytical support to HUD to investigate trends in the data collected.

QuanTech is now conducting the second American Healthy Homes Survey (AHHS II) to collect information on lead in paint, dust, soil and water; pesticides and mold in dust; formaldehyde in air; and, safety hazards, in a random sample of 800 homes nationwide. The selected homes are located in 37 different states all over the U.S. and were scientifically selected to represent all homes in the country. The second survey will update information on lead, pesticides and mold from the first AHHS, and will provide the first national estimates of how common lead is in drinking water and how much formaldehyde is in the air in homes. More information about AHHS II can be found on HUD’s website at:

QuanTech has been involved in LBP work for EPA and HUD since the founding of the firm. The Environmental Sciences Group is managed by Dr. Gary Dewalt, who is active in the environmental testing industry. Dr. Dewalt served as project leader for most QuanTech lead-based paint studies involving field and chemical analysis activities, and was the task leader for field and laboratory portions of the EPA/HUD field study: Field Test of Lead-Based Paint Testing Technologies. This study, a joint effort conducted by QuanTech and Midwest Research Institute, was designed by Dr. David Cox, the President of QuanTech. Dr. Cox was also the author of Chapter 4, "Testing for Lead-Based Paint", in the 1990 HUD Guidelines, and of EPA's Model Lead Inspector Course published in 1993.

QuanTech was involved in designing and conducting follow-on activities to the Field Test of Lead-Based Paint Testing Technologies, including operation of a testing archive formed from samples collected in the field study. This testing archive is used to develop Performance Characteristic Sheets (PCSs) for XRF testing as directed by the 1995 HUD Guidelines.

QuanTech also designed and developed paint film standards for the National Lead Abatement Council (NLAC) in support of the National XRF Operators Registry through a grant funded from HUD. QuanTech produces leaded film standards for XRF and Test Kit applications.