Leaded Film Standards with Certified Lead Levels

Developed for XRF Testing and Test Kit Applications

  • Quality Control
  • Research Support
  • Purchase Evaluation
  • Calibration Verification

Choose from

  • A variety of standard film sets
  • Any of 20 different lead levels, or
  • Have your own custom films produced

Compare to NIST films

  • Lower price
  • Readily available in quantity
  • Improved simulation of real world paint films
  • Lead levels more applicable to federal & state action levels
  • Similar to the test samples produced for the National Lead Abatement council XRF Operators Registry Measurement Proficiency Testing Program


  • NIST traceable
  • Certified lead levels in both mg/cm² and % lead by weight
  • 95% confidence range for certified lead level in mg/cm² ± 5%(typical)
  • For chemical test kit applications, films are not sealed in polyethylene
  • For XRF use, the finished films are thermo-sealed in polyethylene for long-term protection
  • The leaded paint layer is overlaid with 10 layers of non-leaded paint to simulate commonly encountered real world paint films
  • A single layer of old formulation white lead paint mounted on a mylar substrate support for real world comparability, strength and durability