Program Support

Meeting Facilitation

QuanTech has experience facilitating meetings for federal clients. QuanTech meeting facilitators review client needs and requirements, make arrangements for the meeting, and set an agenda. During the meeting, QuanTech facilitators will monitor the agenda, encourage participation, manage participant behavior, and analyze and adapt to the group dynamics.

Custom Built Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) systems

QuanTech has extensive experience programming custom MS Access databases. Our primary expertise is in creating complex CAPI systems that can be deployed in the field. We have experience interviewing in a variety of outdoor and indoor environments and can recommend the appropriate data collection device (tablet or laptop) for a particular project.

Environmental Reviews

QuanTech conducted environmental reviews for HUD grantees using federal grant funds to abate lead hazards or address unsafe conditions in private homes. Required information for the reviews included age of the property, flood hazard coverage, and list of expected alterations. If the property was more than 50 years old, review by the State Historic Preservation Officer was required. QuanTech staff evaluated the location and determined if the property was in a flood zone or near an EPA superfund clean-up site, as well as any other EPA monitored facilities. Once the environmental review was completed, the application package was sent to HUD for approval.

Professional Document Editing and Design

QuanTech can transform basic text Microsoft Word files to a professional document. Using Adobe In-Design and Illustrator we can create professional documents with graphics and custom text layouts.