Current projects:

Gulf of Mexico Grouper Tilefish Individual Fishing Quota Survey

QuanTech is conducting a mail survey in cooperation with the NOAA Marine Fisheries Service collecting demographic, economic and social information about the participants in the Gulf of Mexico Grouper and Tilefish Individual Fishing Quota program. The mail survey is paired with an online to assess community perceptions and attitudes about the performance of the IFQ programs approach to reducing overcapacity and derby fishing. All past or present shareholders, or individuals who purchased allocation, are eligible to complete the survey.

Angler Choice Experiment Survey

QuanTech is working with the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Maryland and the NOAA Fisheries to conduct a survey of recreational anglers in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts aged 16 and older. This is a mail survey of anglers interviewed by the Marine Recreational Information Program's Access Point Angler Intercept Survey who volunteered to participate in this follow-up choice experiment survey. The goal of the study is to collect angler preference data for different characteristics of fishing trips, as well as demographic and fishing activity information.