Fisheries Research

Socio-Economic Surveys

QuanTech understands that effective fisheries management includes the well-being of the fishermen as well as the health of the marine environment. Sociologists and economists assess how different management strategies will affect the lives and incomes of fishermen and their communities. Our fisheries scientists, statisticians, and survey specialists work in collaboration with economists and sociologists to determine the most effective ways to collect accurate and meaningful socio-economic data.

QuanTech performs phone, internet, mail, intercept, and mixed mode socio-economic surveys needed for Economic Impact Analysis and Social Impact Assessments. Our specialized network of field staff is trained in best practices for collecting socio-economic data through in-person interviews. To minimize potential errors in the data, we have developed and implemented our own electronic data collection methods for use in the field. This simplifies the interviewing process, eliminates the time needed for data delivery, and, with automatic error checking that identify errors during the interview process, increases the quality of data collected.