In-Person Surveys

QuanTech specializes in in-person intercept surveys to collect various types of survey data. We have a network of experienced field supervisors that oversee highly trained interviewing staff. Our interviewing staff is trained on how to approach potential respondents in a manner that results in a high level of participation; they are also trained to convert soft refusals into participating respondents. Depending on our clients’ needs we collect the data using two methods; paper survey responses and electronic field data collection.

Paper surveys are filled out by our interviewers and sent to QuanTech's headquarters where advanced image capturing software is used to convert handwritten responses into electronic text which is then validated by our office staff.

QuanTech is also using cutting edge computer assisted personal interviewing systems to easily collect survey responses in the field. QuanTech employs experienced programming staff to design, develop and program electronic surveys that are deployed to laptops or sunlight readable tablets. Our field staff are trained to use electronic devices to efficiently collect responses from participants. A major benefit of electronic field data collection is the ability to incorporate complex skip rules and error checks that ensure the highest quality data is delivered to our clients in a timely manner.