Internet Based Surveys

QuanTech has the ability to design, build and host customized internet surveys. We use an in-house survey building tool to translate our long history of survey design and questionnaire development into robust, high-quality internet data collection.

We offer 29 standard question types, question branching and skip logic, question/answer text piping, emailed survey invitations, participant tokens, “save and resume”, custom survey templates and designs and many other features. Participant tokens allow us to make a private survey accessible only to targeted participants as well as allow us to track completion status for follow up with participants who have not completed the survey. The “save and resume” at a later date feature can be used with a participant token in a private survey or the participant can create a username and password in a public survey. We are able to provide the data in plain text, excel and SAS formats; if you require special data formatting we will work with you to meet your specific needs.

What sets our services apart from other survey tools is our ability to include complex error checks and validation rules that ensure the highest data quality possible. Our expert programming and survey design/development knowledge make it easy for your company/organization to obtain quality internet based responses to any type of survey. When we conduct the survey you don’t have to worry about learning to use an online tool, building the survey, following up with incompletes or managing the data; our applied statistics group can even analyze the data collected with the online survey tool.