• Large Pelagic Biological Survey

  • Dockside Interviews

  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews

  • Household Environmental Sampling

  • Electronic Field Data Collection

QuanTech is Currently Conducting the Following Surveys

For-Hire Survey

Weekly sampling of for-hire fishing vessels on the east coast. Respondents are asked  information about their for-hire, charter and party/headboat, trips. More...

Large Pelagics Survey

The Large Pelagics Survey collects information about the recreational fishery directed at large pelagic species (e.g., tunas, billfishes, swordfish, sharks, wahoo, dolphinfish, and amberjack) in the offshore waters from Maine through Virginia. More...

QuanTech is currently recruiting fisheries research assistants for the Large Pelagics Telephone survey. Apply

QuanTech is currently recruiting knowledgeable field staff for the Large Pelagics Intercept Survey. Apply

Virginia Institute of Marine Science Bluefin Tuna Surveys 

Two choice experiment surveys are being conducted for the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS). A mail survey for Angling category HMS permit holders and an online web survey for Charter/Headboat category HMS permit holders. This study hopes to improve the understanding of how bluefin tuna management actions affect fishermen.

Southwest Alaska Vessel Survey

The Southwest (SW) Alaska Vessel survey is a mail survey designed to gather information that characterizes the economic contribution of commercial fisheries to Southwest (SW) Alaska and other U.S. regions. Vessels were selected at random from those that landed fish at SW Alaska ports during 2014. The vessels were classified based on the type of fishery that accounted for the majority of SW Alaska ex-vessel revenues in 2014. There are three main sections to be filled out in this survey: (1) contact and registration information for your vessel, (2) vessel labor information, and (3) vessel operating expenses.

2015 Seafood Products Economic Survey

A continuation of the 2014 survey conducted by QuanTech. This is a mail and phone survey collecting economic data on production, revenue and costs from seafood fishery processors across the U.S. These data will be used to update regional fishery economic models. The population targeted by the economic survey is seafood processors, dealers, first receivers, wholesalers, and cold storage facilities.

Past projects conducted by QuanTech