• Large Pelagic Biological Survey

  • Dockside Interviews

  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews

  • Household Environmental Sampling

  • Electronic Field Data Collection

QuanTech is Currently Conducting the Following Surveys

For Hire Survey

Weekly sampling of for-hire fishing vessels on the east coast. Respondents are asked  information about their for-hire, charter and party/headboat, trips. More...

Large Pelagics Survey

The Large Pelagics Survey collects information about the recreational fishery directed at large pelagic species (e.g., tunas, billfishes, swordfish, sharks, wahoo, dolphinfish, and amberjack) in the offshore waters from Maine through Virginia. More...

QuanTech is currently recruiting fisheries research assistants for the Large Pelagics Telephone survey. Apply

QuanTech is currently recruiting knowledgeable field staff for the Large Pelagics Intercept Survey. Apply

2014 Seafood Products Economic Survey

The primary purpose of the Seafood Products Economic Survey is to collect economic data on production, revenue and costs from seafood fishery processors across the U.S. These data will be used to update regional fishery economic models. The population targeted by the economic survey is seafood processors, dealers, first receivers, wholesalers, and cold storage facilities. QuanTech is contacting potential participants by mail and by phone.

Alaska Charter Halibut Permit Holder Survey

QuanTech is administering a NOAA survey seeking Charter Halibut Permit holders’ opinions about the recently implemented Halibut Catch Sharing Plan. QuanTech is contacting potential participants by mail and by phone.

Past projects conducted by QuanTech